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Relationship Checkup

Are you experiencing relationship problems? Are you wondering if you made a mistake? Is something in your relationship ?just not right? and you would like a change?

Many people seeking a means to stop their emotional pain go about it being destructive to others and themselves. Significant life changes such as divorce, separation should not be made lightly or on a whim. Knowing what needs to be changed in a relationship avoids the so often destructiveness of divorce and child separation. Negative emotions commonly run high in distressed relationships. To determine if your decisions are grounded in logic and not negative emotional impulsivity, take some time now, and ask yourself these questions:  

  • Is your decision reactionary?  Is it solely based upon the hurt or pain inflicted by a single incident?  

  • Does this situation warrant ending your marriage or relationship? Are there other options?  

  • Does getting divorced at this time in your life, make economic sense?  Will it cause financial hardship for you, your spouse or children?

  • Do you question the suitability of your relationship?

The PREPARE/ENRICH Couples Checkup or Premarital Checkup (First Dance) are inventories you and your partner take online that will help you identify strengths and any weaknesses you and your partner may be experiencing.  The cost is $29.95 and provides you with a detailed 15-25 page computer report broken down into 20 relational categories.   

Each couple is different so all inventories are tailored to meet your relationship. Surprised by your results?  You, your partner and I can discuss these in only 4 one hour long sessions in the privacy of my office.  

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