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Veronica S. Haggerty, MA, RN

Helping Marital and Family Relationships Navigate Life Changes

Greetings! You have found a relationship therapist trained in:

  • PAIRS (Practical Applications for Intimate Relationship Skills),
  • Relationship Enhancement (RE),
  • Couples Communication,
  • Couples Checkup,
  • Mindfulness Meditation (MBSR) and
  • Victim Crisis Intervention.

In addition to helping couples, individuals & families virtually and in my New Hope office, I am a staff therapist at Council for Relationships in the Blue Bell and Langhorne, PA offices.  

As an individual, couples and family counselor educated in many of the above best practice relationship education programs, I will teach you concepts and skills you may never have thought about to renew or create healthy relationships with the people you care about. I have worked with all types of couples and individuals over the last twenty years to help each of them together and individually gain the knowledge and wisdom to reach their goals for having healthy, happy and satisfying relationships.

As a licensed registered nurse and educated professional counselor I will help to identify strengths and opportunities in communicating with others, that will bring more joy and pleasure to your life; helping you avoid the pain and consequences of bad decisions or procrastination causing trauma, separation and unhappiness. As adults we learn how to do many things but one thing many of us may never have learned was how to effectively communicate and resolve differences within ourselves, and our relationships that nurture, protect and strengthen us. 

As a dedicated and skilled professional I work to help you enhance your relationships. I will help you increase your understanding of yourself, your partner, your family, and children and learn how to negative behaviors that can and do get in the way of having a healthy, happy, and enriched life. 

Contact me at Ronnie@VeronicaHaggerty.com or 215-803-8816 by phone or text. 

Click any of the links below for additional information:

FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation

You may contact me at Ronnie@VeronicaHaggerty.com, or by phone at 215-803-8816 to set up a time for us to talk. All messages and communications are strictly confidential.

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Relationship Education Programs

If you are interested in attending a workshop to learn more about relationships, how they work and why they don?t, please contact me at Ronnie@VeronicaHaggerty.com or phone me at 215-803-8816 so I can help you find a program in your area.

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Support Groups & Couples Checkup

If you are interested in attending a Support Group or to register for a Couples Checkup, please contact me at Ronnie@VeronicaHaggerty.com, or by phone or text at 215-803-8816. 

  • Divorce Busting
  • Distressed Couples
  • Children and Adolescents of Divorce
  • Women Empowerment

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Private Counseling

My approach is personable, professional, and caring. I focus on creating Healthy Relationships adapting my approach to everyone in the relationship. Assessment and/or referrals are provided. You may phone or text me for a free consultation via Zoom's end to end encrypted platform.

To make an appointment, please contact me at Ronnie@VeronicaHaggerty.com, or by phone or text to 215-803-8816. All messages are confidential and are accessed only by myself.

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